Daniela Kouzov
Daniela was born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. From a very early age she was
involved in different forms of art. She obtained a Degree in Art from The Art and
Fashion Institute, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. With a desire to have a broader view of the art
field she graduated from University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria with a Master Degree in
Business. Opportunity to continue her education brought her to the United States
where she obtained another MBA from North Park University, Chicago, IL.

She has been actively pursuing ceramics for the past two years. She creates
contemporary decorative ceramic pieces. Her art implements elements of nature
represented by leaves, flower-like elements, clean organic forms. She has
participated in numerous juried events in Wisconsin. Also, she has been part of
two group exhibits at the Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, WI. "Life is a
constant change" and my ceramic pieces represent that change. I love the fact
that clay allows me to create art that possesses dynamic motion and direction.
With every piece I am trying to create a movement. There is a surprise at every
angle and no side is the same.