Deile Smith
Deile GL Smith is a graduate from the Memphis College of Art with an emphasis
in graphic design and illustration. Her early career was as a medical illustrator
working for universities and institutions, forensic pathology and law firms for
medical malpractice cases. Deile has worked as a professional artist for thiry
years as a painter, printmaker, illustrator and sculptural artist. Working in a
variety of medium, Deile adapts her work and working style according to
conceptual ideas and project methodologies. The idea dictates the approach and
medium, not the other way around. Deile's work has been selected for national
shows including "In the News" curated by Morley Safer of 60 Minutes, to
celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the show. The exhibit featured editorial work
and was held in New York by a gallery that has served women artists for over
125 years.

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