Danica Zawieja
Film and Digital Photography
Born in Milwaukee and raised in Central Texas, she fell in love with capturing places and moments in time with the
notion that another person might have stood in the same spot but saw something completely different, lived a
different life. With parents who were avid north woods back country trekkers, she grew up traveling the country
through road trips and camping. When she inherited her father's camera bag during these trips, she also received
the awe-inspiring breathlessness of nature that seemed to be captured in it. While the ever-changing magic of
nature keeps her busy, her wanderlust expands throughout the globe and she aims to capture the wonder in
ordinary moments of what humans built and touched, =where they stood and lived throughout time. She received
her bachelor of arts in Russian with a minor in anthropology from Texas A&M University and went on to law school.
Currently working as an attorney in Keshena, WI , she shoots both digital and black and white film as often as she
can. She is grateful for the beauty of where she lives but can't wait till she's transported to capture the magic of
another place, another moment in time.
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Summer Squall
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