Kathleen Jerlinga
Oil Paintings
Most of my latest artworks are abstract landscapes. Nature
has always inspired me with her complex organic forms.

To start a new painting, I envision the colors and general
composition, then use multiple layers of luscious oil paint
mixtures to portray life experiences. Colors and forms are
used to express emotion or to elicit an emotion from the
viewer. In this way, the paintings become "metaphorical
landscapes". I enjoy the creative process, work intuitively,
and find that the paintings will sometimes go in different
directions than originally planned.

My B.A. degree is from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
"Without the thoughts and feelings of the Artist, there would be no art. It's their particular creative
mind in contemplation that links to intention to give birth to what we call artistic creation."

                                                                          Dr. Wayne Dyer
"The greatest danger for most of us is not that
our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it
is too low and we reach it."

"Unraveled", Oil on Canvas,
4' x 4'
"Turbulent Eruptions", Oil on Canvas,
4' x 4'
Permanent Collection University of WI-Green Bay
"On the Ledge", Oil on Canvas,
4' x 4'
"Divergence", Oil on Canvas,
4' x 4'
"Exposed Terrain", Oil on Canvas,
4' x 4'
"Impasse", Oil on Canvas,
2' x 4'