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Laura Fisher-Bonvallet

Classically trained musician, Laura Fisher-Bonvallet transitioned to a second career as a
textile artist several years ago. She is known for her tailored handwoven and hand-dyed
artwear created from luxurious silk, rayon and cotton. Inspiration for her artwear is informed
by syncopated rhythms, tone color, texture and harmony. Her timeless designs are functional
and versatile while always maintaining a sophisticated vibe. She has won many national
awards for her work including two Niche Awards and has been  a featured artist in
Ornament magazine. She is represented by numerous boutiques and galleries across the
country and her work is included in the collections of thousands of women with
discriminating taste. She credits the discipline learned as a musician to her success as an
entrepreneur. Recently retired from active production, she is now creating other forms of art
from her hand-dyed silks and one-of-a-kind fabrics. Laura's inspiration comes from her
materials, especially the interesting textures and color combinations.