Mary Ann Huguet
Mixed Media, Collage
I am a self-taught artist and, by using ordinary
items found in my environment as art materials,
I am following my own make-do philosophy. I believe
we should find value in what we already have and
eschew our society's throw-away attitude and extreme

I also believe that art is simply another way of looking
at things and my goal is to present a perspective that
is not expected and to open eyes and minds to accept
something other than the norm.
Contact:  920-606-9296
mahuguet @
"Vienna Hillside"
Mixed-Media Collage
25" x 34" Framed
Detail, "Vienna
"Alluring"        Laser Cut Steel, Spinner Blades
54" x 55"
"Courthouse Steps Will County"
Braille Paper, Court Records, Paper
36" x 50"
"Miss Barrett's Class 1957"
Flash Cards, Dictionary                       
40" x 60" without frame
"Sands of Time"
34" x 35" Framed
"Promises, Promises"
Detail Above

"Promises, Promises"
Paper Collage
18" x 18"
"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

                                                                 Pablo Picasso