Shanna Koltz
I am a conceptual portrait photographer. I started "Studio Rouge" seven years
ago to manage and market my fine-art photography business. Most of my work
is centered around portraiture and storytelling. Taking photos of the world
around me is how I connect with my spiritual self. Even though I love nature
photography, my primary interests lie in the emotional nature of human
dynamics, both internal and interpersonal. I draw concepts from my life, my
childhood, my dreams, my fears and society. I enjoy collaborating with other
creatives and visually bringing concepts to life. There is always a story waiting
to be told. I photograph clients for a living and create art for my soul. In addition
to photography, I also work with ink, paint and clay. These other mediums are
often digitally incorporated into my photography art pieces.
Part of Art Alley, DePere, WI
Dust to Dust
The Real Snow White
Out of Time
Distorted Dreams
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