Theresa Gifford
I love "recycled art" and am happy to see it becoming an acceptable movement. After
studying art at the University of Alaska, I worked with local artists. My work eventually
resulted in two one-woman fiber art shows at The Gallery in Anchorage, AK, in which I
exhibited stuffed creatures, trapunto quilts, handmade baskets and boxes.

In 2001, I moved to Green Bay and joined Evergreen Quilt Guild and Women Who Run
With Scissors, and began exploring art quilts as never before! In the summer of 2004, an
enlightening book workshop in Taos, New Mexico, taught by artist Sas Colby, opened my
eyes to the wonders of bookmaking and all the forms in can take on!  I am now incorporating
my love for fabric, painting and collage into my books, and exploring more and more

The journey never ends!!